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If you’ve ever tried sweeping away leaf litter and grass clippings with a broom, then you know how helpful a leaf blower could be. And if you’ve ever looked at buying a blower, you know just how much money they can cost.

To avoid the upfront costs, turn to Rent The Roo for leaf blowers. 

When it comes to the end of your rental agreement we have a number of great and flexible options for you so you will always have the very best products and deals for the life of your rental. Opt to extend your Agreement and Rent 4 Less plus add new items or Trade & Upgrade! Call us on 137661 to find out more! at the end of the rental.


Makita 18V Line Trimmer Kit

from $4.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Flexible Ryobi Blower Rental and Much More!

Great brands are an important part of the experience we offer. That’s why we offer Ryobi blower rental. The Ryobi jet blower kit is perfect for cleaning up around the yard. The great thing about Ryobi is that products with the same power capacity all use the same battery. The Ryobi blower rental options from our team also come with a battery and a charger that you can use with any other compatible Ryobi product.

If this sounds good to you, then get started with Rent The Roo today.