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Rent Smart Phones & Tablets
Smart Phones & Tablets Rental
Smart Phones & Tablets
Rent Computers & Gaming
Rent Computers & Gaming Rental
Computers & Gaming
Rent Rent TV & Entertainment
TV & Entertainment Rental
TV & Entertainment
Rent Kitchen & Laundry
Kitchen & Laundry Rental
Kitchen & Laundry
Rent Furniture
Furniture Rental
Rent Outdoor Furniture & Garden Accessories
Outdoor Furniture Rental
Outdoor & Garden
Rent Heating & Cooling
Heating & Cooling rental
Heating & Cooling
Apple Phone Rentals
Apple Phone Rentals & MAC Rental



At Rent The Roo we're all about giving more to our customers. More product choice, more leading brands, more rewards, more giveaways, and more service.

Rent The Roo ProductsWith Rent The Roo you can rent from the widest range of brand new furniture, technology, and home and kitchen appliance rentals on the market. And, if you can't find what you want to rent on our site, then simply contact us and we'll find it for you

Rent The Roo offer a range of easy rental payment plans with ongoing support and service from our dedicated team of franchisees for the life of your rental plan.

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