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Lounge Rental

No lounge room is complete without a comfortable sofa, a generous corner couch set, or a luxury recliner chair. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to the latest furniture or you’re moving into a new home, Rent The Roo can help you find the furniture you’re looking for.

At Rent The Roo, our lounge rental options provide you with the best BRAND NEW lounge sets on the market today, all without the worry of upfront costs. Why delay the couch you need when you can choose lounge rental from Rent The Roo and rent your furniture on an easy payment plan.


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3 Piece Recliner Sofa Set

from $28.00 per week
on a 36 month term

3 Seater + 2 Manual Recliners

from $30.00 per week
on a 36 month term

3 Seater Fabric Sofa With Chaise

from $35.00 per week
on a 36 month term

3 Seater Sofa Bed

from $16.00 per week
on a 36 month term

4 Seater Sofa

from $23.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Captain 3 Piece Recliner Lounge Suite

from $45.00 per week
on a 36 month term

3 Seater & 2 Reclining Armchairs Sofa Set

from $30.00 per week
on a 36 month term

3 seater Lounge

from $19.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Madison 6 Piece Modular Lounge Set

from $101.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Our lounge rentals include 2-seater and 3-seater sofas, corner lounge sets, 6-seat modular chaises, sofa beds, and even standalone recliner chairs. Whether it’s a gift for Dad, an essential for your home, or an upgrade on your old lounge, Rent The Roo is here to help you.

Flexible Rental Lounge Options

Why pay exorbitant upfront costs for your couch when you can enjoy it today, all while keeping money in your pocket?

Want another brand new lounge set or recliner at the end of your payment period? Rent The Roo can offer you the latest lounge rentals at the end of your agreement, ensuring you’re always using the best new products!

When it comes to the end of your rental agreement we have a number of great and flexible options for you so you will always have the very best products and deals for the life of your rental. Opt to extend your Agreement and Rent 4 Less plus add new items or Trade & Upgrade! Call us on 137661 to find out more!

Corner Lounge Rental

At Rent The Roo, we offer a range of comfortable and stylish corner lounge rental options. Our options include 5 and 6 seater corner lounges, or the Jersey Corner Modular with 3 manual recliners.

Looking for Recliners? Check Out Our Great Rental Options

When it comes to the lounge room, there’s nothing more luxurious than a recliner chair. You can rent a single recliner chair from our team to sit back and relax without having to worry about the upfront costs. As well as single recliners, rental options are also available for lounge sets. Get a 3-seater couch with a set of two recliner chairs to invest in comfort for your entire family. Rental options range from 12 to 36 months, meaning you can pay off your recliners at a time that suits you.

Sofa and Sofa Bed Rental

Whether you’re looking for a sofa or a sofa bed, Rent The Roo has you covered. Hire a comfy 2-seater sofa and enjoy the luxury of gradual payments. For the most versatile sofa you can get, explore our sofa bed rental options. We can provide you with a sofa that offers three generous seats by day and a comfortable fold out mattress to sleep on by night.

To get started with sofa bed and sofa rental and to get all the furniture you need for your lounge, explore the online range and select your favourite furniture today!