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Dryer Rental

With the variable weather in some parts of Australia, you can’t always rely on the clothesline. If your clothes dryer has broken down or you’re moving to a new house and need a dryer, Rent The Roo can help you. Rather than facing the extensive upfront costs that come with a dryer, simply choose clothes dryer rental from our team.

Rent The Roo offers sensor dryers, heat pump dryers, and combos that include both washing machines and dryers. Rental is easy and affordable with our team, and you can pay for your new laundry appliances in up to 36 months.



Electrolux 6kg Sensor Dryer

from $13.72 per week
on a 36 month term

Haier 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

from $32.97 per week
on a 36 month term

To get the new dryer you need without the upfront costs, check out our hire options now.

Flexible and Affordable Clothes Dryer Rental

You need a dryer that will last, which is why we offer a range of premium options for clothes dryer rental. You can choose from household names like Haier, Electrolux and Simpson, and every appliance you get from our team is guaranteed to be BRAND NEW.

With 6kg, 7kg, and 8kg capacity dryers available, you’re sure to find an option that suits your household and your drying requirements.

At Rent The Roo, we understand that appliances can experience problems, even if they’re brand new, top-of-the-line products. For as long as your dryer is under contract with Rent The Roo, we will offer servicing and technical support to assist you with your dryer.

Skip the upfront costs with clothes dryer rental from Rent The Roo. To get started with the best dryers and most flexible rental options, view our range today.