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Do you have a BBQ, a lawnmower, and a couple of bicycles but nowhere to store them? To store and protect all your garden appliances, you need a garden shed.

When it comes to garden sheds, rentals are a great alternative to buying. At Rent The Roo, our rental options help you avoid the upfront costs, offering you fair and affordable payment plans instead. As well as this, our garden shed rental options come with ongoing support for the life of your agreement and delivery to your door.


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Absco Absco Shed 3m x 3m x 2m Zinc Double Door

from $18.00 per week
on a 12 month term

Hire an Absco Garden Shed from Rent The Roo

Rent The Roo offers top-of-the-line products and brands for you. This includes the Absco range of garden sheds, which are made of Zinc and come with large double doors.

For excellent garden sheds and the best rental deals available, partner with the team at Rent The Roo today. We can solve your garden storage problems without the upfront expenses.

When it comes to the end of your rental agreement we have a number of great and flexible options for you so you will always have the very best products and deals for the life of your rental. Opt to extend your Agreement and Rent 4 Less plus add new items or Trade & Upgrade! Call us on 137661 to find out more!