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Are you looking to upgrade to a queen bed? Maybe you have an old queen bed that’s seen better days, or perhaps you’re looking to buy one for a lucky child. Whatever your situation, Rent The Roo is here to help you.

With our queen bed rental deals, you can sleep like a queen today without needing to be royalty to afford it. Our rental deals let you skip the upfront costs, and at the end of your rental period, you can donate your bed to a friend, family member, or someone from your household free of charge. We’ll even help you gift it to a charity if this is your preference.

Queen bed frames and queen mattress rental options are both available. Explore our range now and get the queen bed you’ve been looking for sooner.



Queen Bedroom Package (mattress not included)

from $23.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Queen Bed (mattress excluded)

from $5.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Queen Bed (mattress not included)

from $22.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Queen Sleeprite Ortho Posture Mattress

from $7.00 per week
on a 36 month term

Rent Queen Beds with Our Flexible Hire Options

Rent The Roo offers both queen bed rental options and queen bedroom packages. Our queen bedroom packages include bed frames, bedside tables, and a tallboy fit for a queen. Mattresses are excluded from this package, but you can also rent a queen mattress from our team.

Find the queen bed that you’ve been looking for and get it sooner with flexible queen bed rental. Our team will deliver straight to you.

Brand New Queen Mattress Rental

If you’ve already got a bed frame and you’re only looking for queen mattress rental, our team can help. You can rent bed frames and mattresses, or you can select one or the other if that’s all you need.

For queen bed rental and queen mattress rental, get started today.