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Front Load Washing Machines

Rent BRAND NEW washing machines from Rent The Roo with the latest technology and excellent features, allowing you greater control over the washing of your clothes. Though there are several models and brands of washing machine rentals available, you can choose between two different technologies – the top loader and the front loader.

As a rule, front loaders are more energy efficient as they consume less water for a cleaning cycle. However, they are available only in large sizes and may not be as suitable for small or single home use. Top loaders are available in a range of sizes from 5 - 8 kg and you can pick a size that suits your requirements.  

Rent The Roo Appliance and Furniture Rentals have a range of brand new top and front loader washing machines for you to rent today - Tell us what you want, if we can find it you can rent it!

You can rent BRAND NEW Front Load washing machines from Rent The Roo with a rental agreement payment plan for a term that suits your weekly budget!

per week on a 36 month term*

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