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“At Rent The Roo we give more of our time & care, as an expression of our sincere thanks to everyone who places their trust in us” - Rent The Roo



About Rent the Roo

A proudly Australian owned and managed family business, Rent The Roo was established in 1976 by Brian Hague, and is now managed by the second and third generations of the family. With 57 franchises located throughout Australia, Rent The Roo offers a wide range of top quality and affordable home appliance and furniture for you to rent.

Rent the Roo have available for rent  a huge range of products, all brand new.

Rent The Roo has everything you need to set up your home, including:

If you can't find what you want on our website then let us find it for you.

History of Rent the Roo

For many years Rent The Roo operated as a small but successful home-based lifestyle business. Limitations in capital and an indifference to the problems associated with direct employment slowed continued development. Franchising offered the vehicle to grow the business, offering the same lifestyle benefits that the business had provided to Phil and Brian.

The first franchised territory was established in Sydney's eastern suburbs in 2005 and since then the network has grown to over 60 territories Australia wide, with over one quarter of the existing network owning multiple territories. Growth to date has been controlled and measured to assist each franchisee to maximise their potential.