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Rent The Roo offers BRAND NEW furniture, technology, and home and kitchen appliance rentals, all with free delivery, easy rental payment plans, and ongoing support and service for the life of your rental agreement.

Give-A-Way Offer – Rewarding Loyal Customers

At the end of your rental agreement, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our Give-A-Way offer, where we 'gift' the rented item(s). Rent The Roo's Give-A-Way offer has no additional payments, no catches, and no worries.

Roo Rewards – Refer and Be Awarded With Cash!

Refer a friend or family member to Rent The Roo and on their successful application approval be rewarded in $50 cash each time. Visit the Roo Rewards page for full terms and conditions and start earning rewards today!


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Rent The Roo rents to you brand new furniture, home appliances, home entertainment and technology from a huge range of leading brands across Australia, all with free delivery.

If we can find it, you can rent it. Just because it isn't on our website doesn't mean we can't rent it to you. Contact us today with the item you'd like to rent from Rent The Roo.



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12:25:53 03-09-2015
Rent The Roo
Hi Team, I now reside in Darwin, NT. But I am originally from Nuriootpa in SA. Thorphy is a Euro and was orphaned when his Mother was hit by a car in Clare Valley back in 2001. My son and I nurtured him till he was old enough to be taken by Kerry and Clive Ethan, proprietors of Fish Haven at Para Hills. They had their own Kangaroo Orphanage at Truro. I lived in the Barossa Valley, but managed my brothers vineyard in Clare. So he travelled back and forth with me every day. He actually ended up escaping from their huge enclosure one day and was adopted by a family of Wild Red Kangaroo's. They used to visit every afternoon to feast on anything they could reach at feed time. He returned to visit the Orphanage on a regular basis, but remained a free spirit out in the open where he belonged. Kind Regards Rese Undo Good on you Rese and thank you for sharing such an awesome story! You do have an entry code for the next WIN A SHARE OF $10,000 draw! but all up - we are happy to read about your heartwarming story!!! Thank you!
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23:06:00 31-08-2015
Rent The Roo
"Thank you Rent The Roo for my Mummy and Daddy's new bed they got last Thursday!" - Melissa from Park Holme in South Australia :-)
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12:46:14 31-08-2015

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