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Welcome to Rent the Roo

Congratulations on taking your first step towards your new future!

Many people spend their entire career working for someone else. By enquiring with Rent the Roo, we know that you have already made the decision that you want more out of your career. We see that you are prepared to put in the effort required to own and run your own business.

Starting your own business is a life changing decision. Our approach during this process is to be as open and honest with you as much possible; giving you all the information that is required so that you can make an informed decision.

Franchising offers you the freedom of being a business owner, with the support of proven systems to guide you in becoming successful.

Our success as a company is dependent upon the success of our franchisees, so we have structured our business model around this principle.


Rent the Roo Pty Ltd is a family run business which was established in 1976 by Philip and Brian Hague, it was built upon renting black and white television sets. Shortly after colour television was introduced they pioneered white-goods rentals for the first time in Australia. The appliance and furniture rental sector is now estimated to turnover in excess of $250M per annum.

For many years the business operated as a small but successful home-based, life-style business. Limitations in capital and an indifference to the problems associated with direct employment slowed the continued development. Franchising offered the vehicle to grow the business, offering the same life-style benefits that the business had provided to Phil and Brian.

Over time they have significantly reduced the overall running cost and labour content needed to grow the business. This has been achieved by refining marketing strategies, building on supplier relationships and improving operational and administrative systems.

The first franchised territory was established in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in 2005 and since then the network has grown to over 60 territories Australia wide, with over one quarter of the existing network owning multiple territories. Growth to date has been controlled and measured to assist each franchisee to maximise their potential.


In 1999 Rent the Roo developed the kangaroo logo that is now used to symbolise the nationally recognised Rent the Roo brand. Every year the franchisor invests heavily on national marketing and advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and generate leads through our website and our 137 661 national phone number. We do not charge franchisees a marketing levy and our call centre generated leads go directly to our franchisees.

Customer awareness is generated by effective campaigns consisting of television, radio, newspaper and search engine marketing. Customers are driven to our website where they can gather and compare information that is relevant to their rental needs. Our website is upgraded regularly to attract new visitors and generates an ever increasing number of leads. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is maintained and we are experiencing an increasingly greater presence on key search terms.

Local Area Marketing (LAM) is invaluable to increasing your local branding and presence, and we provide you with the tools to facilitate this in a manner that is effective, and maintains our brand guidelines and standards. Over 80% of our business is based on referrals, so we provide you with the referral marketing tools needed to build and maintain relationships with your customers; helping to  ensure they recommend your service to their friends and family. With a base of happy satisfied customers, you have the opportunity to build a profitable business.