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Don't rent 'Near new' dining furniture... rent BRAND NEW...!!!!

You can RENT BRAND NEW from Rent The Roo with a rental agreement payment plan for a term that suits your weekly budget!

Whether you need a 2 seat setting or a 10 seat setting Rent The Roo can find it and you can RENT it... BRAND....SPANKING....NEW....!!!!! 

All the TOP BRANDS in all the sizes... Just let us know what you need and we can work out a rental agreement payment plan for a term that suits your budget. Normal lending criteria applies.



At Rent The Roo, we have access to all avaiable retailers and suppliers, so our range is HUGE!
Below are just a few samples of the types of dining suites available to rent from Rent The Roo. Styles may vary, but speak to your local Rent The Roo team member and tell them exactly what you need - If they can find it you can RENT it...BRAND NEW!




Fill out the form below and your local Rent The Roo team member will contact you!

They can answer any questions you have and even make an appointment to COME TO YOU

Want it BRAND NEW?   Why Wait?   Contact us today!!!!! 

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At Rent The Roo we have access to all available suppliers and retailers so if we can find it, you can RENT it! If you want a specific item, or a specific brand, we can source it and work out a rental agreement payment plan that suits your individual budget! Normal lending criteria applies.


Rent The Roo only rent BRAND NEW items, so you get what you rent BRAND NEW! We do not rent shoddy second hand items... Everything we rent comes straight from the suppliers - NEW NEW NEW!


Rent The Roo have been proudly servicing Aussie customers for over 40 years! (...YES... 40 YEARS!!!!). We pride ourselves on offering the best service to our valued customers and do whatever we can to help them get the best quality products that they need... BRAND NEW!


Your local Rent The Roo team member will help tailor a rental agreement package with a payment plan for a term that suits your weekly budget.

Our rental periods are generally 1, 2 or 3 years in length, however we can negotiate short-term agreements with you on a case by case basis. Normal lending criteria applies.


Rent The Roo's Give-A-Way Offer allows us to gift the rental item/s at the end of the rental agreement. We do not replace your item with some shoddy, second-hand one that has been rented to other people in the past - we gift the exact item that you rented since it was delivered to you BRAND NEW at the beginning of your rental agreement! Visit our GIVE-A-WAY Offer page for more information or call 137661.



Want it? Why Wait? Call 137 661 today!!!!! 


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