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Everyone and their Pikachu are playing Pokemon GO!

Everyone and their Pikachu are playing Pokemon GO!

If you hadn’t heard of Pokémon Go by now you probably didn’t know we had an election either. Either that or you were so busy playing Pokémon Go, you forgot about the election, your job, family and adult responsibilities. 


Everyone Is Doing It 

Don’t worry, we understand. It is addictive. Pokémon Go’s launch overtook the election to become the number one trending topic on social media in Australia. No wonder we can’t choose a new leader for our country! 
The game is now in such high demand, the internet servers hosting it are struggling to deal with the huge influx of gamers. Yep… Pokémon Go broke the internet. No surprises there however, this thing is seriously addictive!

The Low Down

Much like previous versions of the game, the goal is to catch and train as many of these cute little creatures as possible. What’s new is that you no longer have to be embarrassed about carrying a Gameboy from the 90’s around with you as an adult. The world of Pokémon is finally accessible from the convenience of your smartphone! 
Pokémon Go uses a type of Google map along with the smartphones camera view to bring the world of Pokémon to life. You can find different Pokémon in different real life locations. For example; you are more likely to find water type Pokémon near a lake or beach. 
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The World Of Pokémon Is Dangerous

When we say this thing is addictive, we mean it is dangerously addictive! A whole succession of massive fails is already beginning to unwind from people too engrossed in the game to pay attention to the real world around them. Although a story featuring a man who caused a pile up while trying to catch a Pokémon has since been found to be a fake, there is a very real danger of this happening. Although it’s very tempting to play while driving due to the ease of changing locations, please remember: SAFETY FIRST PEOPLE!

What Phones Are Best For Pokémon Go?

Throw curve balls better on an iPhone or Oppo? No worries. Prefer the extra screen of a Samsung? That’s fine too!
The good news is Pokémon Go is available on both iOS and Android, meaning you have plenty of choice when it comes to the phone you want to go slinging “pokéballs” around on. 
Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on a rare catch like a Zubat because technology let you down. With that in mind, since Pokémon Go uses your smartphone’s rear camera to run the game, it really sucks the battery life. So if your phone struggles to last the day already and you want to be a Pokémon master, I hate to tell you but it might be time to retire the outdated phone and invest in an updated model. 
One thing’s for sure, the world of Pokémon is only going to get wilder and wilder!
See Tips and tricks for catching rare Pokémon here.
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